Kidz Team Fridays

Kidz Team Friday is a “Casual Friday” dress code program. In this program your employees purchase Kidz Team clothing products and wear them on Fridays to show their support for Kidz Team! Everybody Wins!

– Benefits:

  • Boost employee moral
  • No cash investment
  • Company approves and controls clothing worn by employees
  • Employees Love It!

– Details:

Kidz Team Volunteers will come into your company once a month or once a quarter and sell Kidz Team products to the staff. For each $20 worth of products purchased they get a ticket. At the end of the selling period, we will have a drawing. Whoever gets their ticket drawn will win a paid vacation day. 

In order to insure the success of the program we like to see the employer to enact a policy that says; in order for the employee to dress casual on Friday, they must wear Kidz Team Products.

Adopt a Family

Donate the funds for a special support gift for a Kidz Team family and include a message of support that will go directly to the family.  You can create the message yourself or choose to have us create it for you. 

Contact us at for more information.